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It goes without saying that most elderly people would prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. In the past, independent living was more difficult for many seniors, who often needed another person with them all the time. But now, seniors with a medical alert system have an “eye” on them when caregivers are not present, providing the vital monitoring that saves lives.

Even with seniors who are still active, there is still a significant risk. Physical response time is not what it used to be, strength and balance issues are not uncommon, and many seniors are on medications that have side effects, including affecting balance. However, with a medical alert system, the whole scenario of seniors enjoying their golden years while remaining independent in their homes has become a reality.

Many seniors feel they are quite able to live on their own, until the first time there is a fall, heart attack, or other serious health emergency. Once that occurs, the chances of another incident, or even just the worry of another one, can trigger the downward spiral of elderly health and loss of independence.

Fast Emergency Response

People 65 years and older have a one in four chance of falling, sometimes with dire results. A senior living alone who falls and is injured could be left without any help for many hours, even days.

With a medical alert system, a person can press a button on a pendant or bracelet and be immediately connected to trained personnel via speakers and microphones. Emergency responders can then be sent to the senior’s location without delay, which can make the difference between a manageable crisis or a tragedy that could have been prevented.

A 24/7 Watchful Eye

While an emergency response system doesn’t entirely replace a caregiver, it can fill gaps that make helping an elderly person much easier. Just the way baby monitors give parents peace of mind and a reprieve, medical alert systems keep an eye on seniors when you can’t. There are several systems with various features, so you should review what is available to find the system that will work best for your situation and health condition.

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