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A Safe, Happy Retirement

Now that you are retired, you may be looking forward to doing many activities you didn’t have time for when you were working. More gardening perhaps; that woodworking hobby you’ve always wanted to set

Seniors Go Tech Savvy

It used to be that as people entered their golden years, it was expected they would retire, slow down, and settle for a much more sedentary life. This scene has changed dramatically in recent

Personal Emergency Alert Systems Market Report

The market for Personal Emergency Alert Systems and Medical Alert Devices is growing rapidly.   See the below report show the market analysis for Personal Medical Alarm Systems. http://www.medgadget.com/2015/10/personal-emergency-response-system-pers-market-value-share-analysis-and-segments-2015-2025-by-fmi-estimate.html Find more information on the different

Emergency Pendant — Original Wearable Tech

The latest trend in technology is called “wearable tech.” They are devices that you wear that monitor your health in one way or another. But while everyone is enamored with these new items, do

Different Types of Emergency Call Buttons

Every aspect of your medical alert system is crucial, from the base unit to the folks at the central monitoring facility. However an often overlooked, but vital, cog in the system is the emergency call

Help Button on Medical Alert Systems

When you unpack your brand new medical alert system, the first thing you will likely see is your base unit. And the first thing you will likely see on the base unit is a