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Baby Boomers and Alternative Medicine


As every senior citizen knows, various aches and pains, along with chronic health problems are common issues that arise with age. Many Baby Boomers today are turning to alternative medicine for solutions.

According to an article published in Medicine Health, researchers in a recent Ohio State University study found that approximately 70% of older adults use some form of alternative medicine. Of the nearly 900 participants in the study ages 50 and older, 65% of those who said they were in poor health also said that they use some type of alternative medicine for preventative or curative purposes.

What Draws Baby Boomers to Alternative Medicine?

Men and women born between 1946 and 1964 are searching for ways to ways to alleviate chronic pain, arthritis, and a range of symptoms. They are also looking to alternative medicine for preventative therapies. They want relief from their aches and pains leading to difficulties with daily activities, such as eating, bathing, or carrying groceries.

Many older people are simply dissatisfied with mainstream healthcare or have issues with the current state of healthcare. Conventional medicine does not always solve the problems of older adults with chronic illnesses, and people who are suffering may be more willing to try an alternative approach.

Health Minded Generation

Baby boomers are a health-minded generation. Most seniors who get massage do so for health reasons, as opposed to for stress relief. Baby Boomers are also turning to exercise to help maintain quality of life. As reported in the Medicine Health article, the number of age 65 plus people who joined health clubs jumped by 669% from 1986 to 1995.

Popular Types of Alternative Treatments for Seniors

Chiropractic care tops the list of alternative treatments. In another recent survey conducted by a national research firm, more than one-third of people surveyed stated that chiropractic care prevents the need for physical therapy and prescription drugs and helped them avoid back surgery and hospital stays. Nearly 60% of the people surveyed said they would be willing to petition their insurance companies to include chiropractic in healthcare plans.

Other alternative treatment methods popular among seniors include massage therapy, herbal medicine, breathing exercises, and meditation. Nearly 20% of seniors with depression are using herbal remedies such as gingko biloba, ginseng, and St. John’s Wort.

Home Medical Alert Systems for Baby Boomers

The health-minded older generation also benefits from modern technology found in home medical alert systems today. As a quick scan of our medical alert comparison can show you, cellular-based home medical alert systems are now available that can go wherever you go. With GPS tracking, these systems allow an operator to pinpoint your location in an emergency and get help on the way immediately, wherever life takes you.

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