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Bay Alarm Medical’s “Grumpy Grandpa”


The medical alert business is a serious one; after all, it is designed to save the lives of seniors in the event of an emergency. But Bay Alarm Medical has taken a whimsical approach in its advertising with a “spokesman” named Grumpy Grandpa.

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Grumpy Grandpa is an animated video senior who is, well, grumpy. It seems he is upset that his daughter has suggested that he get a medical alert system. Grumpy Grandpa has always been strong and independent, and thus feels a Bay Alarm Medical alert system is unnecessary.

One day, though, Grumpy Grandpa suffers a fall in his home. He has no way to call for help, and he passes away. While in heaven (where his faithful dog, which apparently died with him, is waiting), he realizes the error of his ways — he should have gotten a Bay Alarm Medical alert system

Alas, it is just a dream, but Grumpy Grandpa learned his lesson and purchased a medical alert system. Now he is just Grandpa, happy and healthy, ready to live a long life with the protection of Bay Alarm Medical behind him.

While the video takes a lighthearted approach, it is the grim reality for many seniors. They resist getting a medical alert system out of pride or stubbornness, but unlike Grumpy Grandpa, it often is too late to correct the mistake. The fall they suffer is all too real and turns into a literal nightmare.

It is difficult to admit we are getting older. But it is an undeniable fact. We resisted getting reading glasses, thinking our eyesight would improve. But of course it only got worse. The same goes for the rest of our bodies. They will break down some day. And when that day comes, you will be happy that you took Grumpy Grandpa’s advice and got a Bay Alarm Medical alert system.

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