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Seniors vs. Medical Alert Necklaces


There are many seniors who simply refuse to buy a medical alert system. Some cite cost, which is completely understandable. But others give a baffling reason; they just do not want to be seen wearing medical alert necklaces. It is mind-boggling that vanity is getting in the way of people buying a potentially live-saving device. But that does not have to be the case anymore.

medical alert necklaces

In years past, medical alert necklaces were clunky, unattractive objects that hung heavily from your neck. No longer;  many providers offer stylish pendants that look more like pieces of jewelry than medical devices. No one will know your secret unless you divulge it to them.

Many men just will not wear anything around their neck. Again, completely understandable., For them, they can wear medical alert bracelets. And just like the medical alert necklaces, some of them are very stylish and look like fancy jewelry. Also, when you wear a long-sleeved shirt, the bracelet is hidden completely so no one will see it.

Along those same lines, it is NOT recommended that you tuck the necklace underneath your shirt or blouse. This can make it very difficult to get to it and press the button in the event of an emergency. Let’s say you fall onto your chest. There is almost no way you will be able to reach your necklace. Yes, you could possibly press it through the shirt, but what if it got tangled up in the fabric? It is best to leave it outside and within easy access.

Of all the reasons not to get a medical alert system, vanity is the silliest one. No one likes to admit they are getting older and might need some help, but having people see medical alert necklaces is far better than the alternative.

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