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Cats or Dogs: How Pets Can Help Keep You Healthy


Cats or dogs? It’s an age-old question and many people, seniors included, have strong feelings on both sides of that argument. Choosing a wagging tail or affectionate purrs is a personal choice. Regardless of preference, pets require love, affection, exercise and most importantly, companionship. Dogs, cats, and seniors are a match made in heaven. Seniors have the time and patience to give a cat or dog the attention it needs to have the life it deserves. In return, pets enrich our lives and give us focus and the opportunity to experience unconditional love.

Healthy Pet, Healthy Human

It’s hard to look at a puppy or kitten and not want to take it home. Science has found many legitimate reasons to go to the animal shelter and find a new best friend. There are many benefits to having a pet, including companionship, cuddles, and free foot warming! Beyond the obvious, recent studies have discovered that interaction with pets positively affects hormone production in the brain, providing the following personal and health benefits:

  • Reduced symptoms of depression
  • Lowered stress
  • Increased overall happiness

For many seniors, pets provide additional benefits that are easier to quantify. Pet owners often experience reduced cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Devoted pet owners, especially dog owners, tend to have a more active lifestyle. Walking the dog or playing with the cat keeps seniors active and in motion. Between vet visits or shopping for a perfect cat condo, seniors who have pets tend to spend more time outside the home.

With the explosion of pet products and a society that accepts pet parents, there are many activities and locations that are pet-friendly. Restaurants, stores, and parks are a great place to meet others who share pet-centric hobbies. With a pet, seniors can have a significant boost in social interaction, particularly dog owners.

Companionship, love, attention, and devotion are traits pets have in an endless supply, and seniors have a unique connection to their pets. Feeling depressed and gloomy is common for seniors living alone. Sharing life with a pet can ward off feelings of depression and anxiety, and cause you to keep your attention outward, rather than inward – a healthy habit.

Staying Healthy

Retirement is a tough change for many seniors. With rising divorce rates among retirees, many more seniors are single than in the past. Taking care of yourself can fall through the cracks when living alone. Pets are a big commitment, but they can help you make choices that will keep you mentally and physically healthier.

Staying healthy so you can keep your pets healthy is part of responsible pet care. A home alert system is a key way you can get the support you need in emergency situations. Home alert systems can bring added comfort to concerned pet owners, with peace of mind in knowing help will be on its way if a medical emergency arises. GPS tracking and pendant or bracelet systems are features perfectly suited to walking the dog or playing with the cat in the garden. Please look over our reviews page for information on home alert systems that can keep you – and your furry friend – safe and happy.

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