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Do You Need Personal Panic Button?


Everyone in our society is open to possible attack by others, but none more so than the elderly. Let’s face it, many elderly people are frail and are not strong or healthy enough to protect themselves. And there are always horrible people ready to prey on that vulnerability. One way to ward off potential attackers is with a personal panic button.

personal panic button

The name pretty much explains what it is – it is a button you can press in the event of an attack or even in the event of an emergency if you need to attract the attention of others. But there are several different types of personal panic buttons.

The simplest personal panic button is a small device that you can carry on a keychain or even around your neck. While it is small in size, it packs a wallop. When you press the button, it lets out a piercing alarm, 100 decibels or more. That should be loud and frightening enough to scare off anyone hoping to rob you or do you harm.

That type of personal panic button is perfect when you are out and about, but what about when you are home? Well, you could use that. Or, if you have a home alarm system, you could get a button connected to your system. If someone breaks into your house or you feel threatened, just press the button and your house alarm will sound and also send a signal to the central monitoring center.

Your alert button from your medical alert system can also act as a personal panic button of sorts. Just like if there is a medical emergency, you can press the button in the event of any type of emergency. Once the attacker hears that you are calling for help, they will vacate your premises.

It is important for seniors to feel safe. If having a personal panic button does the trick for you, so be it.

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