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Vast Array of Medical Alert Devices


A medical alert system is only as good as the equipment behind it. Here are the medical alert devices that comprise your alarm system, that are called into action in the event you are hit with an emergency.

medical alert devices

It all starts with the base unit. This is what connects you with the central monitoring facility. When you press your alert button or the “help” button on the base unit, a call is placed through the unit to the monitor. You communicate with the monitor through the base unit.

The most simple system connects with a traditional phone line. But now companies are offering base units with cellular service built right in so you do not need a phone line.

The base unit is plugged into a standard power outlet and also has battery backup just in case the electricity goes out.

The alert button is also crucial to the system. This is the button you wear as a pendant around your neck of a bracelet around your wrist. These medical alert devices send the signal to the base unit, which then calls the monitoring center.

The alert button has a small battery to power it. These batteries last very long, but you do have to make sure you change it when it is required. You medical alert company will advise you when it is time to change the batteries in your medical alert devices.

The newest and most advanced device is the mobile base unit. This is a device about the size of a deck of cards that you can take with you wherever you go. It has cellular and GPS  technologies that give you constant protection. You can communicate with monitor through the unit, and the monitor will know exactly where you are.

Medical alert devices have come a long way since the advent of medical alert systems. Technology advances, resulting in better safety for you.

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