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Elderly Home Monitoring


The greatest fear for many seniors is to be forced to move to a nursing home or an assisted living facility. The loss of independence can be devastating for them. That is why elderly home monitoring is so important.

elderly home monitoring

Such monitoring can take on many forms. Seniors could pay for an around the clock nurse or other caregiver so they are never alone. That is an excellent option but it is also an expensive one that could be out of reach for the average senior.

Many seniors could just give up part of their independence and move in with their children. While this type of situation can work, it often times puts undue stress on the children while making the senior feel like a burden.

Perhaps the most ideal elderly home monitoring is a medical alert system. Seniors get to stay in their homes, enjoying the independence that comes with loving alone (or with a spouse). But because they are constantly being monitored, they are never truly alone.

In the event of a medical or any kind of emergency, all they gave to do is press the button on their medical alert pendant and they will be connected with medically trained operators who can help them. If it is determined that immediate assistance is necessary, an ambulance will be sent directly to the home.

You cannot put a price on this type of peace of mind. Actually, you can — it costs money to set up the system and for monthly monitoring costs. But it only comes out to a couple of dollars a day; much less than hiring a full or part-time person.

Yes, it might be more cost-effective to move in with your children. But instead of money it costs you something else — the complete autonomy you had in your own home. with elderly home monitoring.  And that is something on which you cannot put a price.

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