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Keep Grandma and Grandpa Safe


They were there when your kids were born, and while they grew up. The kids may have fond memories of visiting them, eating Grandma’s soft, made-from-scratch cookies, or helping Grandpa fix the lawn mower in the garage. Perhaps the grandparents took them on special, delightful trips remembered to this day.

But now, grandma and grandpa aren’t as mobile as they used to be. It’s harder for them to get around, and grandpa has already fallen once in the driveway, resulting in stitches to his forehead. Luckily, a neighbor had just walked out to get the paper and saw the incident happen and called an ambulance. But if no one had seen that, grandpa may not have received help for quite some time. Now, medical alert systems with GPS technology make it possible to locate a person in distress immediately and send help.

Life-Saving Emergency Alert Systems

Today, instead of becoming prisoners in their homes or having to move too soon to a nursing facility, seniors can now continue enjoying their golden years while being protected from various health risks with a medical alert system.

A base unit is installed in the home via a cellular connection or landline. In an emergency, a button on a pendant or bracelet is pushed to immediately summon a trained operator. Two-way communication via speakers and microphones allow the operator to provide the right assistance. If there is an emergency, the operator will dispatch emergency responders.

And now there are medical alert systems with GPS technology. Whether seniors stay in the home or are out and about running errands, visiting friends, or golfing, their exact location can be found so that responders can find them even faster. If someone suffers a fall, heart attack, stroke, or seizure, the medical alert system with GPS saves valuable time.

Stella, 85 years old, still lives by herself in her home. She drives a car, does her own shopping, and goes to the community center every Wednesday for bridge with the ladies. One day, however, she suffered a mild heart attack while getting in her car. She pushed the button on her mobile alert system and was instantly connected to an operator.

As Stella was in pain and disoriented, she was not able to tell the operator where she was. Fortunately, with GPS technology, the operator could easily determine her exact location in the parking lot to send an ambulance. Within minutes, she was being taken care of my EMTs as they drove her to the hospital. Stella recovered from her heart attack, largely due to the fast response. By being able to find her location with GPS technology, valuable minutes were not wasted.

Safety and Freedom with Technology

We all want our loved ones to be around as long as possible. Medical alert systems with GPS puts safety and freedom a call button away. You can review the different systems available and their features.

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