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Retirement: Make the Transition Healthy


Are you 65 years old or older? If so, you probably know that your body does not perform as well in general as it did when you were younger. Yet for seniors, staying active as long as possible is a key component to living longer and healthier. So, what can a senior do to get or stay healthy and do it safely?

One excellent way seniors can realize health benefits is through the use of medical alert bracelets. These wonderful devices have an emergency call button on them that will summon help immediately if the wearer should have an accident or other emergency. The button is also available on a necklace pendant.

This is a simple, yet powerful, tool that provides a safety net for seniors who want to stay active. And staying active is one of the best steps a senior can take to stay healthy. When you know you can get help fast if needed, you are more likely to keep moving.

Modern Technology Enables Seniors to Get Healthy While Staying Safe

Medical alert bracelets are connected wirelessly to a base set up in your home, and if you have an emergency such as a fall, heart attack, seizure, or stroke, a push of the button is all that is needed to be immediately connected to trained emergency response operators. Two-way communication through the base is enabled so you can converse with the operator and explain what has happened. If, however, you are unable to speak for any reason, there’s no need to worry. The operator will send medical help immediately.

Take the case of Amy, 71 years old. One day, she tripped in her home, twisting her knee badly, and was unable to reach a phone to call for help. Her husband came home several hours later and found her on the floor. If Amy had had a medical alert bracelet, she could have summoned help immediately.

There are in-home systems with a short range of about 350 feet. These are great for anyone who stays at home. There are also systems with much wider ranges that operate outside the home. For those who want to work in the garden, go for a walk, or even drive somewhere, these mobile systems provide the same level of help and security as the in-home systems. Also available are GPS and fall detection capabilities, whether indoors or outside.

Healthy Aging

The key point here is that moving into your golden years does not mean you can’t make positive changes to improve your health. Most doctors will tell you that staying physically active into your senior years is one of the best prescriptions for a longer, healthier life. Medical alert bracelets and other features of these systems are a smart way to pursue a healthy lifestyle without fear.

You can check over the various systems available to find which features best cover your personal preferences. Now you can look forward to your golden years!

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