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Seniors: Living Longer and Healthier


Only about a century ago, living past 50 years old was unusual. Today, seniors regularly live into their 60s, 70s, 80s and, though less often, 90s or more. This is largely due to the continued advance in medicine and health care. And technology continues to advance, resulting in seniors not only living longer, but living healthier lives as well.

Modern Technology Increases Life Expectancy and Quality of life

One piece of technology that has improved the length and quality of life for seniors are medical alert systems. These are becoming increasingly more common in homes where seniors live, either alone or with other people. A medical alert can make the difference between a senior being able to remain independent, in his or her own home, or having to move into a nursing home.

A medical alert system consists of a small base unit set up in the home, connected to a landline or cellular service. You are connected wirelessly to it by wearing a necklace pendant or wristband/bracelet that has an emergency button. If there is any kind of emergency, you push the button and are immediately connected to a live, on-call operator. Two-way communication between you and the operator is possible via microphones and speakers in the system.

Fast Response Saves Lives

In any emergency, the response time plays a crucial role in the seriousness of the crisis. For example, if you suffer a heart attack, the heart muscle will usually suffer some damage. The faster medical emergency personnel can get the blood flowing again in the heart as it should, the less damage there will be to the muscle. With a medical alert button, the operator can call for an ambulance right away, much faster than would happen if you had to find a phone, dial 911, and wait to speak with someone.

Not only do medical alert systems provide a safety net in the home, they can also go with you outside the home. If you want to garden, visit neighbors, drive to the store, or spend the day on the golf course, there are mobile units that fit in your pocket or purse. Some systems come equipped with GPS, so locating you in a crisis is easy.

Whether you are a senior yourself, a caregiver or even just a concerned relative or friend of a senior, getting a medical alert is one of the smartest things you can do. They provide a watchful eye 24/7. Even if a senior lives with others, there will no doubt be times when he or she is out of eyesight. It only takes a second for a fall or another emergency to occur.

It’s Easy to Get a Life-Saving System

Take a moment to look over the various systems available. This will help you ascertain what your needs are and which system is best. With the simplicity of installation and use, there’s no reason not to have this valuable backup.

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