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Loving the Retirement Years Means Staying Active


Retiring Baby Boomers are very different than retirees of previous generations. While our parents and grandparents may have looked forward to a quiet, restful retirement after decades of strenuous activity, many Baby Boomers have spent their careers expending much more mental than physical energy. Retirees today are looking forward to spending their Golden Years actively engaged in living life.

Staying Active to Get the Most Out of Retirement

Seniors can take advantage of retirement to actively enjoy life in a number of ways:

  • Start your day early: At the start of retirement, it may feel wonderful to sleep in after many years of getting up with the alarm to report to work on time. But once you have had time to de-stress and catch up on your sleep, you may find it refreshing to get up early and enjoy having the morning hours to yourself, knowing that you don’t have arrive on time. You can set your own pace and plan your day as you choose. You may be amazed at all the things you accomplish with the freedom to set your own goals.
  • Get your body in shape: It can be difficult to find time for exercise during a busy work week. In retirement, you not only have time to exercise, but you also have the option to choose the time slot you prefer. You have more options as to the form of exercise, and rather than rushing through it, you can take the time to give your body a thorough, toning workout.
  • Keep your mind stimulated: A work environment provides stimulation for the mind. After retirement, you get to choose the mind-stimulating activities you engage in. It could be reading, working puzzles, taking classes online, learning a new language or musical instrument – the possibilities are endless.
  • Build on your old talents: If while dabbling in your youth you found something you enjoy, such as creative writing, playing the guitar, or ballroom dancing, retirement is the time to revisit that talent. Maybe life got in the way of developing your skill in the past, but retirement provides the perfect opportunity to pursue it.
  • Try new things: At retirement, many people realize that the clock is ticking and it’s now or never to try the things they have always wanted to do. Fortunately, you now have the time to try new things, whether it’s getting into the arts, taking gourmet cooking classes, selling arts and crafts online, or traveling to distant lands.

Fall Alert Systems for an Active Retirement

One disadvantage of reaching retirement age is the higher risk of suffering a serious fall. Fall alert systems can help reduce the risk by making it possible to get help on the way immediately if a fall does occur. Some fall alert systems even have a fall detection feature that alerts a monitoring service that a fall has occurred, even if you are unable to speak. A review of our medical alert comparison can give you a better idea of the fall alert systems and features available.

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