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Staying Productive Can Reduce Depression in Seniors


Far too many people 65 and older suffer from depression. Factors that contribute to the problem include physical disabilities, mental decline, isolation, and dementia. Perhaps the biggest contributing factor is the loss of a sense of purpose.

Adults’ sense of purpose tends to diminish in the later years. This may be due to changing social roles, with children grown and retirement following a lifetime of employment.

Remaining productive can help prevent and reduce depression in older adults. Whether it involves volunteering for a worthy cause, working part-time, offering professional guidance as a consultant, mentoring, or caring for grandchildren, productivity and purpose are essential to a senior’s well-being and state of mind.

Volunteering or Working Part-Time To Help Ward Off Depression

According to an article in Psychology Today, volunteering (choosing to work without being paid) has profound health benefits for people of all ages. When people volunteer their services, they are not working for money but rather something they believe in. This provides an opportunity to restore a sense of purpose, a major issue in reducing depression.

Seniors can choose a field they are passionate about in which to do volunteer work. There are many ways for seniors to volunteer, for example:

  • Working in an animal shelter
  • Helping to feed the homeless
  • Engaging with children in a Foster Grandparents program
  • Helping low-income families prepare their income tax returns
  • Raising funds for a charitable cause

Many seniors have chosen to continue working part-time after retirement. In addition to its financial benefits, working part-time can help keep seniors stay engaged and active for better emotional and mental health.

Senior Medical Alert Systems

As seniors are more susceptible to physical and mental health issues than younger adults, it is important to have a senior medical alert system in place in case of an emergency. A senior medical alert bracelet or pendant makes it possible to get help on the way with one push of a button. See our medical alert reviews for a comparison of the leading senior medical alert systems.

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