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Types of Senior Help Alarms


When you think about help alarms for seniors, you will likely first think of a medical alert system. While we obviously feel such a comprehensive system is the best protection money can buy for seniors, it could be out of the price range for some people. Here are some alternatives.

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The cheapest, lowest tech help alarm is an old-fashioned bell. If seniors have any trouble, all they would have to do is ring the bell and their caregiver will come running to help. Of course, this is worthless for people who live alone.

For those seniors, some type of electronic system would be necessary. The most simple is a medical pendant that is programmed to call 911 if the button is pressed. A signal is sent to a base unit and 911 is dialed. This type of help alarm requires a standard telephone line into which the base unit is plugged. The big advantage of this system is that there is no monthly monitoring fee like with a full medical alert system.

Still though, a complete medical alert system remains the best alternative, provided that you have the budget for it. Certainly calling 911 will result in help arriving at your home. But that 911 operator knows nothing about you. With a medical alert system, medically trained operators will have your entire health history on their computer screen when you press your emergency button. They can also contact your children or neighbors that you might need help. Sometimes a familiar face is all you need.

There is  no doubt that a medical alert system is the best type of help alarm. But for those who just cannot afford it, it is nice to know that there are alternatives out there that will help you feel less alone in the event of an emergency.

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