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When you think senior citizens, it is only natural to think of Florida. After all, how often do you hear, “I am retiring to Florida”? An astonishing 17.6% of the state’s population is over the age of 65, by far the highest number in the nation. So it is no surprise that a Florida medical alert is a big seller in the Sunshine State.

florida medical alert

With so many seniors retiring to Florida from the rest of the country, most elderly Floridians are living far from their families. That means they are living alone or with a spouse and do not have their children on whom to rely. In these cases, a medical alert system is vital.

With a Florida medical alert, you can live alone but really not be alone. That’s because there is 24 hour a day, seven day a week monitoring of your system. So in the event of an emergency, you only have to press the button on your medical pendant and within seconds you will be speaking with a medically trained operator. If it is deemed necessary, the monitor will dispatch an ambulance to your home.

Having a Florida medical alert is a much better alternative than moving to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. Most seniors would bristle at such a suggestion. You would not be in your own home anymore; rather, you would be in a group situation where your freedom would be gone. You would have to follow the orders of others. Is that the way you want to live out your golden years?

There comes a time when we all need a little help. Not only will a Florida medical alert allow you to keep your independence, it could save your life some day. Why wouldn’t you get one?

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