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The New World of Senior Emergency Alert Systems


The New World of Senior Emergency Alert Systems

Many senior citizens prefer to live independently, staying in their own homes. This is with good reason: an independent lifestyle allows greater comfort and the chance to live on your own terms. But, independent living comes with certain risks. Seniors face physical and medical challenges that make living alone risky. Technology has made senior emergency alert systems far more effective in minimizing risks.

Advances in Medical Alert System Technology

In recent years, medical alert system technology has advanced, and is now available in mobile. Today’s senior citizens now have the peace of mind of knowing their medical alert system is functioning wherever they go. For active seniors who shop, run errands, or regularly exercise, this technology can help them maintain their independence and freedom. GPS technology allows your medical alert service to be able to pinpoint your exact location. In medical emergencies, every moment counts, and location tracking technology can be lifesaving.

Another major medical alert system advancement is fall detection capability. Special motion sensors in a medical alert system can now automatically detect when a person suffers a fall. In these situations, an alert will be set to your medical alert system provider. In many falls, the person is rendered unable to communicate. Automatic fall detection makes it possible for operators to dispatch emergency assistance to seniors when it matters most.

Lower the Risk of Living Independently

Anyone over the age of 65 who lives independently faces the daily risk of suffering a fall. Falls are among the leading causes of injuries for senior citizens. Aging puts seniors at a higher risk of stroke, heart attack and other serious health emergencies. Luckily, technology is advancing to make it possible for more seniors to live their lives in their own homes, comfortable – and safe.

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