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Volunteering: Seniors in Action


With medical advances keeping seniors healthy and active for longer, retirement no longer has to mean the end of a productive life. AARP even goes so far as to call retirement a second career, or an “encore career,” where the pressures of earning a salary are no longer your top priority in how you choose to devote your time and energy. Instead, you’re free to pursue passions and interests that you didn’t have time for during your working years. While some retirees choose to seek part-time work for pay or even start their own businesses, many seniors see volunteer work as an opportunity to give back and stay involved in their communities. Medical alert systems help keep older adults safe while they pursue their passions and stay active in retirement.

Finding Meaning in Retirement

When their careers have been the focus of their lives for decades, many seniors struggle deciding how to spend their time after retirement in a way that feels meaningful and productive. Volunteering provides an avenue to devote time and effort to causes that are important to you, without the pressures of working for pay. Some common areas in which many seniors enjoy volunteering their time include:

  • Youth Mentorship Programs. With the wisdom that comes with age, seniors are in a unique position to offer meaningful advice, support, and guidance to young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged and may not have many older role models.
  • Animal Rescues. Lifelong animal lovers have a chance in retirement to volunteer with organizations that make the world a better place for our four-legged friends. Doris Day, now 95, still personally supervises the foundation she founded to promote animal welfare!
  • Helping Other Seniors. If you’re still able maintain an active lifestyle and stay involved in the community, one way to give back is to provide support to other seniors who can’t. Many senior centers offer programs where volunteers can visit homebound seniors to deliver meals or simply provide companionship.

Staying Safe on the Go with A Medical Alert System

Medical limitations and the natural physical deterioration that happens with age can keep many seniors from engaging with community to the degree they’d like, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of worrying about the possibility of a fall while you’re out and about, why not invest in a medical alert system, so that help is always just the push of a button away? These systems typically have a base in the home that is connected to a landline or cellular service and can be easily installed. You then have a bracelet or necklace can be worn at all times with a button that can connect you with an operator in seconds.

In case of an emergency, the operator can send an ambulance or alert a nearby relative or friend. Some systems also come with a GPS locator and automatic fall detection, so that a call will be made in case of a fall, even if you can’t reach the button. Read our reviews to decide which system is best for you.

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