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70 Is the New 40?


There is no doubt that individuals 65 years or older are, in general, more active than their counterparts 50 years ago. Advances in medicine have been largely responsible in creating this fantastic change.

It used to be that by the time you hit 65, you were expected to take it easy and putter around the home and garden. But not anymore. Yes, there are senior citizens who still need full or partial assistance with day-to-day living, but there are still many who continue to lead very active lives.

Medical Alert Devices Mean More Freedom

In addition to medical advances, one piece of technology has been a literal lifeline for seniors. The use of medical alarm systems has made the difference between needing assistance every day and being able to be independent and, for many, out and about pursuing a wide range of activities.

Today, you will find many seniors not only staying active with chores and activities around the home, but also shopping, driving, and even exercising or participating in sports. With an alert system, a senior no longer needs to worry about being in danger.

A medical alarm system, of which there are many brands, consists of a device worn around the neck like a pendant, or as a bracelet. It has an emergency call button which, when pushed, sends a signal to a call center through a base set up in the home or office. A trained emergency operator is immediately in touch via a clear microphone system. The operator can summon an ambulance or other needed help instantly if needed.

You can also get a medical alarm system that is portable; it goes with you wherever you go. A small, compact device that fits in your pocket operates the same way, equipped with an emergency button. More advanced systems even have GPS technology, so no matter where you are, in the home or busy with your chosen activities, your exact location can be determined. You can also get systems with fall detection, where a call center will be alerted if you fall without the need to push a button.

Enhanced Quality of Life With a Medical Alarm System

Many seniors today continue to enjoy outside activities well into their 70s, 80s and beyond. In earlier times, this was definitely not the norm. With a medical alert device, one can extend and enhance one’s quality of life. Even if you can’t or don’t want to leave your residence, there is still heightened peace of mind because any emergency can be dealt with right away, and speed of medical response can mean the difference between life and death.

Falls account for a large percentage of injuries, even death, for elderly citizens. A senior living alone could suffer a fall or other emergency, and without a medical alarm system, help could be delayed, with terrible consequences. Take the time to review the different systems to determine which one would be best for you or your loved one.

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