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Alarm Necklaces for Seniors


Alarm necklaces for medical alert systems may all look the same, but do not be fooled; they can be quite different. They can perform various functions depending on their design and their purpose.

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The basic alarm necklaces are simple buttons that seniors would press in the event of an emergency. A wireless signal is sent to the base unit and the central monitoring facility is automatically called. The senior would then communicate with the monitor through the base unit.

There are more advanced alarm necklaces that allow seniors to talk to the monitor directly through the pendant. This makes it easier to hear and talk to the monitor; seniors would not have to shout or strain to hear if they are in a different room from the base unit.

Perhaps the most advanced alarm necklaces are those that can detect falls. These pendants contain sensors that can tell when a wearer has fallen down. A call is automatically placed to the monitoring center. The monitor is trained to know that a fall may have occurred and if there is no response, help is sent right to the home.

Fall detection is controversial because some companies do not think the technology has reached the point of reliability. They say there are too many false alarms and not every fall can be detected. For example, slowly sliding out of a chair may not register as a fall.

However, there are a few companies which do offer fall detection and say the technology is indeed reliable. These types of alarm necklaces are perfect for seniors who might be susceptible to falls.

Alarm necklaces also come in a variety of styles. There are some that look like medical devices while others look more like a piece of jewelry. So the fact that you wear a medical device can be your own little secret.

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