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Do You Need a Fall Alarm?

Shopping for a medical alert system can be a dizzying experience. There are so many options from which to choose, the newest of which is a fall alarm. But do you really need this

Fall Alarm for Seniors

Studies show that a third of all seniors will suffer a serious fall every year. Often times these falls occur when a senior is alone and cannot get up and call for help. These

Taking a Medical Alert Anywhere You Go

New medical alert buttons and devices allow seniors to have the peace of mind that they can bring a medical alert bracelet or necklace anywhere they go.  Medical alert buttons including small bracelets or

Fall Detection for Seniors

One of the more controversial issues in the medical alert industry today is fall detection for seniors. Several companies offer the potentially life-saving service, while others refuse to do so until the technology is

Fall Detection Medical Alert Systems

It seems like every day the “next big thing” is coming out. Whether it is a smartwatch or a telephone that turns into a tablet or a new vacuum cleaner, technology marches on and

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