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Do You Need a Fall Alarm?


Shopping for a medical alert system can be a dizzying experience. There are so many options from which to choose, the newest of which is a fall alarm. But do you really need this added expense?

fall alarm

The safest answer would be yes. The often-cited statistic is that a third of all seniors will suffer a fall each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says falls are the leading cause of fatal as well as non-fatal injuries among seniors. And the longer it takes for help to arrive after a fall, the less likely it is that you will make a full recovery.

So yeah, a medical alert system with a fall alarm would be a good idea. In the event of a fall, your medical alert pendant would detect it and automatically place a call to the central monitoring center. If the fall has left you unable to communicate, the monitor is instructed to send an ambulance immediately.

But what if you are in relatively good shape, not frail like so many elderly people? Well, you are certainly less vulnerable to falling. Still though, these things can come out of nowhere. You can be in the best shape in the world but if a rug slips out from under you, you will not be able to avoid falling. And if you land wrong, you might be unable to get up and call for help.

If you live with someone you might be able to avoid paying for a fall alarm. That’s because if you do fall, your spouse/friend/caregiver will be able to make that distress call for you. Still though, there is no guarantee that person will be around if you take a tumble.

Medical alert systems are designed to keep you healthy and happy, living the longest life you can. A fall alarm is a common sense add-on to help reach that goal.

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