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Good News for Seniors Living Alone

If you are a senior, living alone and without any type of medical alert system, you could be in danger if you suffer a fall, have a heart attack or stroke, choke, or experience

Alert Systems for Seniors – How to Choose Right

As we age, our bodies don’t always cooperate as they once did. Balance can become a serious issue for seniors, leaving them vulnerable to potentially fatal falls and injuries. Those who live alone can

Choosing the Best Medical Alert

As seniors age, it’s important to consider whether they will continue to live in their homes, and what assistance they may need to be safe and secure. Currently, about 90% of elderly people intend

The New World of Senior Emergency Alert Systems

The New World of Senior Emergency Alert Systems Many senior citizens prefer to live independently, staying in their own homes. This is with good reason: an independent lifestyle allows greater comfort and the chance

What is the Best Medical Alert System for You?

If you were to ask any modern American senior citizen, they are more than likely to say they prefer to live independently. AARP research reveals that about nine out of every ten seniors over

Saving Lives: Senior Alert Systems

More and more modern American seniors are choosing to live independently. This means staying in your own home and managing your own day-to-day activities. But, many seniors face physical and medical challenges that affects

Special Offer from Medical Guardian

It is extremely dangerous to have a serious health problem or fall while alone at home. Families naturally have concerns about their loved ones who live independently. It is important to do everything possible

How an Emergency Call Button Can Save a Life

In a health crisis, prompt emergency medical treatment can greatly increase the patient’s chances for survival. When a life-threatening illness or injury occurs, such as dangerously low blood sugar, a serious head injury, a

Lifesaving Technology: Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Prompt emergency medical response and treatment can make all the difference when a stroke, heart attack, serious fall, or other medical crisis occurs. With new emergency medical alert system technology, you can have help

Falls, Health Risks, and Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

It is natural for family members to worry about their elderly loved ones who choose to live independently. No one is immune to the effects of aging, and senior citizens face higher risks of